Core Purpose Co-Founder’s School Wins $100000 Fitness Center

One of our co-founders, Dr. Chris Lineberry, has led his school to win a $100,000 award from the National Foundation for Governors Fitness Councils.   This is a direct result of the implementation of the principles and strategies Core Purpose Consulting helps schools to implement.  This award was given to only 10 schools nationally in 4 states, 3 schools in Arizona were winners.   The quote that stands out more than anything else in the notification letter is as follows:   We recognize Stanfield Elementary as a leading example of a proactive, innovative school with a fierce commitment to physical education and the overall success of its students. Regardless of the hurdles faced, your school continues to strive towards its health and fitness goals. We wish to commend these efforts and help you achieve these goals by awarding your school a Don’t Quit!TM Fitness Center. The fitness center features premium strength training and cardio fitness equipment.”   It is certainly worth mention that Stanfield Elementary School is a Title I school, over 98% of students live below the poverty level and all students receive free lunch and breakfast.   According to 2010 census data, the average annual income for the town of Stanfield was $5000, you read that right, $5000.   We are a community of Native American students (20%), Hispanic students (75%) and 5% of everything else.  We are a migrant and purely agricultural community.  We have a school garden that yielded 100’s of pounds of vegetables, melons, and fruit for our community.  Stanfield is the only school in Arizona to ever win the Gold with Distinction Award from the USDA’s HUSSCC program, a program that has been around since 2004 and an award that in that 12 year period has only been given out to 250 schools.   At Core Purpose Consulting we are extremely proud of Dr. Lineberry and his school for this achievement and hope to help other schools both in Arizona and on a national scale achieve similar recognition.  If you were given the opportunity, how would you incorporate the fitness center into your school and community?  What challenges do you face in implementing a school garden and beginning to build a culture of health and wellness?



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