What do you do when your dreams come true?

We at Core Purpose Consulting are truly blessed and excited about the course of events and that path that our small company is on.  We have a book that will be coming out in the next week or so, “Recess Was My Favorite Subject….Where Did it Go?”, Dr. Lineberry just received a $100,000 fitness center, and Governor Doug Ducey from Arizona as well as Jake “Body by Jake” Stienfield visited his school.  Incidentally, Jake believes so much in what we are doing in Dr. Lineberry’s school, as well as in our mission and purpose, that he wrote the foreword to our book!  We will be launching an initiative with the NCAA Final Four here in Phoenix in 2017 and Dr. Miller is working on earning recognition with the USDA’s Healthier United States School Challenge Criteria, one of the few high schools in the state and the country to do so.

Here is Governor Ducey, in his own words:

During the ceremony, Jake asked the students to dream big, to think of their most incredible dream and to never, ever give up on it.  Dr. Lineberry turned, looked at Governor Ducey, and said, “Governor, I am living mine right now!”

So, what do you do when your dreams come true?  We dream bigger!   We are excited about the opportunities on our horizon, from working on tobacco cessation and substance abuse prevention to a potential initiative with foster children and families, we are just getting started.

You may ask yourself, what does this have to do with me?  These guys have the leadership in place in the schools that they are in that facilitate this whole child focus, our principal doesn’t seem to see things the same way?”   This is a common obstacle, but it is not as steep a climb as you might think.   Our book discusses how to get to or reconnect with your WHY, what is the reason you are doing the the profession that you are engaged in and how can you live that purpose everyday?   Our experience is that educators, including principals and superintendents, are wonderful people who care deeply about kids, most got / get into the business of education in order to make an impact on the world; most just need to be reminded of the fact that test scores are not the only indicator of student success in schools.

Here is what Jake and Gov. Ducey had to say about Stanfield, the fitness center, and Dr. Lineberry:

At Core Purpose Consulting we are anxious to help schools and school districts to connect to their WHY,  to address the needs of the whole child, to get kids moving, healthy, and active, and to improve academic achievement.

What is your greatest challenge in increasing recess?  In providing PE everyday for every kid?  In providing nutritious and delicious meals to students?  In incorporating movement into instruction?   We can help and want your feedback!   Subscribe to our blog to stay connected, like us on Facebook, or visit our site http://www.corepurposeconsulting.com .  We will be making a major announcement within the next 2 weeks!


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